"Journeying Through Pregnancy and Birth"

An Audio tape & CD designed to
take care of the Body and the Mind and
support the intention of a Natural Birth.

Through Relaxation and Visualization

An audio tape and CD designed to honor this
journey as the powerful right of passage that it is.  

Regular use of this tape will: 

  • Reframe negative beliefs about pregnancy and birth and create new levels of awareness

  • Encourage self-nurturing & self-reliance while enhancing trust in, and cooperation with, the intelligence of the body

  • Enhance deep relaxation and decrease anxiety

  • Help in lowering blood pressure

  • Teach positive coping and stress reduction skills

  • Encourage vaginal birth after a cesarean

Useful for all pregnant women and especially those that are extremely anxious, intending a vaginal birth after a c-section, being treated for complications such as hypertension or any condition requiring increased rest. Is especially helpful for “post dates” and rupture of membranes when labor has not started.

Side A is for daily use during pregnancy. Side B is to use at full term to prepare for birth and to aid in initiating labor.

Jennifer Houston has been a midwife for over twenty years, is a mother and grandmother. She’s a certified Hypnotherapist and an experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. She is aware of the interaction between body and mind, and the power of language. The desire to support natural birth and her witnessing to thousands of births, inspired her to create this tape. "I want to undo negative cultural messages, help women reconceptualize their experience, gain strength, wisdom and peace of mind." 


"Creates a tranquil state with a strong sense of empowerment"
- Kim Trainor, Birth Gazette

"Houston's tape is a meeting with the true elders of the circle. Their presence can be felt long after the tape is over. Their comfort and strength follows the mother"
- Victoria Carr, Special delivery

"In our homebirth practice, we gift every client with the "Journeying Through Pregnancy Tape"
- Connie Coker and Martha Roth, Nyack N.Y. Village Midwives

"From the minute I heard Jenna's voice, it began to weave it's magic"
- Penni Harmon, Midwife

"This tape has been incredibly effective and is especially helpful in initiating labor and helping VBAC mothers regain trust in their bodies."
- Mary Riley, Doula

"This tape is an invaluable tool to help create the change in consciousness that supports a healthy pregnancy and birth. I recommend it to all the pregnant women I work with and is especially useful for women with hypertension and postdates."
- Larry Perl, OB/GYN

"With my busy schedule this tape enabled me to spend time intentionally relaxing and nurturing my intention for a natural birth."
- K Holland, Mother


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